Wales, England, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan 2018

Above: Photo copyright of Snow Leopard Trust

We'll leave the UK, travel to Sweden, either by ferry from North Shields, then cross to Sweden then to Finland, again by ferry, then into Russia and onto Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where hopefully the Snow Leopards are!

If any crews wish to join, please email me. There will not be any charge to join the expedition, but you will have to arrange your own, visas, fuel, ferries, food,camping, hotels, etc, etc.
When you are working out fuel costs, remember fuel in Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is currently around 50p per litre!

It is intended to work with a wildlife charity, under a Scientific Expedition, which will make it easier to get visas into the former USSR.

We'll be working with Snow Leopard charities, looking at the protection of these endangered animals, their habitats and any other problems they face, such as hunting and persecution...

Keep watching for further details....

Above: Photo copyright Briana May

Photo copyright: Snow Leopard Trust

Photo: A snow leopard on the prowl in China. Photo: Shan Shui Conservation Center / Peking University / Panthera / Snow Leopard Trust