My EXPEDITION PREPARED                       Land Rover Discovery 1 300Tdi

May swap this for a standard 300Tdi with   MOT and all terrain tyres... or a swb Transit or similar minibus???

Current Specifications: 

1994 'M' Reg Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi 2.5 Diesel  7 seats                                                         Twin (not leaking) sunroofs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Tank guard & removable 3 tonne rated tow hook
Tubular tree/rock sliders
Sway bar split pin disconnects
Terra Firma +2 inch dampers/shocks
Terra Firma +2 inch  springs
2 inch rear lowered damper/shock heavy mounts
2 inch front lowered heavy shock turrets

Uprated Alternator

Front sump guard

Rear dislocation hooks
Front relocation cones
X-eng split charge (this has now been disconnected as it only has one battery at present)
Polly bush trailing arms front + rear
Offset steel rims and InsaTurbo tyres 265/75 R16 (Hardly worn). 

Flatdog flexible wheel extensions 

165,800 miles (185 miles since last September, two years ago!)

There is surface rust on the chassis, but no rot. It just needs wire brushing, Hammeriting and Waxoyling.

The cylinder head has been skimmed and fitted with new quality uprated head gasket. 

I'm not sure when the timing belt was last changed (the garage said it probably would be changed when they did the head gasket, but there no proof and there's new staff), so this will be done when the vehicle is next serviced.

There is also a set of extended brake hoses which I haven't fitted yet.

It failed the MOT on a rusty rear floor (just the centre panel), lower sills (the bottom part), a small triangular weld on the front inner wing, a ball joint and a couple of bulbs.  One of the CV joints is now clicking and I have a replacement which will be included. Also a new floor and the floor supports...