The FIA has homologated Lifeline Fire and Safety Systems’ new fire suppression system, the Zero 3620.

Launched at Autosport International in January, the Zero 3620 is the latest system to meet the FIA’s demanding new 8865 test and safety standards. It has been awarded the FIA Gold Standard for use with unleaded petrol, diesel, ethanol and E85 fuels. Following the homologation, it has been mandated for use in the WRC in 2016 and officially recommended for all other categories by the FIA.

“This system represents another step-change in driver safety,” explains Lifeline’s managing director Jim Morris. “The FIA has clearly recognised this, and we are delighted to receive the Gold Standard award. It is further proof that the future of fire suppression is here.”

The Zero 3620 has undergone extensive testing, development and validation in both the motorsport and defence sectors. It is deployed in both the engine bay and cockpit, as per the new, stringent FIA regulations.

The engine-focussed side of the system features Lifeline’s patent pending* dual discharge technology; the primary side of the cylinder quickly knocks the fire out and is then supplemented with a secondary discharge, using the residual energy from the first, to deploy a specifically blended coolant fluid to prevent any re-ignition.

The cockpit-facing system is available in two sizes (2.0Kg for up to 2.3 CuM and 3.0Kg for 2.4 to 4.0 CuM) and features Lifeline’s compression discharge technology, with the option of either a fixed or remote outlet.

The entire system is controlled by a unique microprocessor which constantly monitors the state of the system and battery and will advise the user of any potential issues. Lifeline has also homologated a remote activation facility enabling the system to be deployed wirelessly from the pits or safety crew.

The system is now available and interested teams and constructors wishing to know more, should contact Lifeline’s technical sales team on +44 (0)24 7671 2999 or

Lifeline Fire and Safety Systems are based in new premises in Falkland Close, Coventry, UK and have a worldwide network of distributors whose contact details can be found on the Lifeline website