Despite a host of high profile recoveries already this year, maintaining a 100% success rate, Bike Trac is delighted to confirm the safe recovery of Charley Boorman's BMW R1200GS Adventure, after the adventure TV star was the victim of bike theft at the weekend.

Boorman, who is best known for his televised round the world and long distance motorcycle adventures, had his BMW R1200GS Adventure stolen in the early hours of Saturday morning. But unbeknown to the thieves, the bike had Road Angel Group's renowned Bike Trac system covertly fitted, allowing the authorities to track it down just hours later.

Bike Trac's Bill Taylor explained, "The system on Charley's bike was triggered at 4.29am on Saturday and quickly tracked to a location in south west London. However, the unit then showed further movement, resulting in us tracking the bike to a new location some miles away in Watford. By using the additional technology that Bike Trac offers over just GPS, we were then able to exactly pinpoint the bike to a specific garage, where with a police warrant we were able to recover it, partly dismantled."

Charley Boorman added, "Naturally I was pretty shocked to learn that my bike had been stolen. In normal circumstances the chance of ever seeing a bike again after it's been stolen is very slim. But with the knowledge that it had a Bike Trac unit fitted, I was fairly hopeful. To get the bike recovered so soon really is a testament to the system indeed."

For adventure riders like Charley, Bike Trac not only offers peace of mind should the unthinkable happen, but it also offers great functions for those off on their travels.

With a 24/7 online web portal, users can view their bike 'live' and review routes ridden following a ride online thanks to the great breadcrumb trail function. On top off this, and particularly useful for lone riders, Bike Trac's 'Bike Down' feature will notify loved ones should the bike be involved in a fall or accident too. This combined with text and email alerts for movement and even the ability to view a bike's battery level online make Bike Trac much more than just a Thatcham approved security device.

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